Karis360: a full-circle approach to your healthcare

The complexities of healthcare are ever-growing. What was once a simple phone call to your insurance provider or doctor can now be hours of your precious time spent passed from contact point to contact point – hopefully with a final resolution somewhere in between.

By Lindsay Langteau /

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How Health Plans Benefit from Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy serves

Encouraging Active, Not Passive, Health

It's no secret that health care is expensive, but it becomes even more expensive when people don't understand ...

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Human Centered Patient Advocacy

Technology is disrupting healthcare. As the pace of disruption quickens there is a balancing ...

Taking That Extra Step For Our Clients

The guiding principles of account management teams are different for all companies.  

Healthcare is about to get the Uber treatment.

I’ve taken a lot of Uber rides. Over a thousand if I had to guess. Punch in your destination and Uber provides an estimate on the cost. As I ...

How to find an affordable doctor in your area

Healthcare is confusing and complex. You want to see a doctor, dentist or specialist you can trust. What do you do when you need to find a ...

Protect your members from skyrocketing healthcare costs with Karis Bill Negotiator

Over 2/3 of bankruptcies in the United States have a medical billing component. Healthcare costs ...

How to Organize Your Healthcare Paperwork

The healthcare landscape can be overwhelming and confusing. Add a recent medical incident like a surgery, specialist or hospital visit and those ...

Getting on board with digital on-boarding: a wise move for healthcare organizations

As the world moves daily to a more digital lifestyle, healthcare organizations must follow suit to remain competitive and profitable. One way ...

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