Why is Healthcare so Expensive: Part Two

For our second blog in our Why is Healthcare so Expensive series, we’re going to look at patient advocacy. To clarify, patient advocacy doesn’t cause high healthcare costs, it ...
Doctor and patient discussing diagnosis

Patients As Partners

Patients and healthcare professionals believe in the power of engaged patients, or as our friend Dave deBronkart coined:
MSHCT Inaugural Class

An Inside Look at UT Austin's Healthcare Transformation Master's Program

Our Director of Marketing, Steven Cutbirth, recently graduated in the inaugural class of the MS in Healthcare Transformation program at the University of Texas at Austin. The ...
Illustration of Medical Equipment and Money with Title of Blog

Lessons From 30 Minutes of Rushed Care and a $900 Cortisone Shot

Free Market Healthcare System: What Is It, and Can It Work?

How strange would it be to go to your local grocery store and not be able to see the price of different brands of cereal? Or to go to the checkout and realize you’re not only ...

Medical Loss Ratio: What it Is and How it Works

Let’s start off by explaining what ...

Breaking Through Three Common Healthcare Barriers

Although some people might not think twice about how or where to get healthcare, millions of Americans
Business men shaking hands

How Health Plans Benefit from Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy serves to ...

Encouraging Active, Not Passive, Health

It's no secret that health care is expensive, but it becomes even more expensive when people don't understand their options. This causes ...

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