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Karis360: a full-circle approach to your healthcare

The complexities of healthcare are ever-growing. What was once a simple phone call to your insurance provider or doctor can now be hours of your precious time spent passed from contact point to contact point – hopefully with a final resolution somewhere in between.

Karis360 understands that time is vital. Our 360 degree service takes care of your members from start to finish – the first time. No matter if your business needs are a simple guaranteed live-answer or a full-service provider search with health cost estimates and more, Karis360 provides full-circle service to your members.

What does this complete approach bring to your bottom-line as a broker, third-party administrator or benefit provider? That’s simple – we provide any and every level of customer service you may need. This high-touch, comprehensive service means that your company can focus on what it does best while we do the same for your clients or members. This equates to long-term, raving fans out of your members, company growth and increased revenue for your organization.

No matter your need, The Karis Group’s Karis360 service is here to supply top-notch, customizable services to your business and your members or clients.

"Thank you for all your help and hard work!!! You made the whole process fun and not burdensome! I couldn't have done it without you! Your joyful attitude and willingness to help me with anything blessed me so much and made the whole process so simple! Thank you again!"

Karis360 services can be purchased separately or as a full-service bundle. Have questions on how Karis360 can work for your company? Call us today!

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