From Unpaid Advocate to CEO

I was just starting college when my dad injured his knee in a game of pickup ...

CEO's Corner: What an Atlanta ER’s Experience with COVID-19 Can Teach Us

COVID-19 has swept across the globe, and on top of bringing illness , it has also brought change to every part of our lives and the healthcare landscape.

COVID-19 Increases Telemedicine Need: A Life Float for Americans Drowning in HealthCare Costs

Late last year, the
CEOs Corner: Where Value-Based Care is Taking Us

CEO's Corner: Where Value-Based Care is Taking Us

Healthcare is quickly evolving. Innovative technology solutions driving value-based care are bringing affordable, accessible, and quality care to patients.

CEO's Corner: Being An Engaged Healthcare Consumer with Dr. Josh Luke

In this edition of CEO's Corner, I sit down with Dr. Josh Luke .
CEOs Corner - DR and KE LinkedIn-1

CEO’s Corner: Disrupting the Healthcare Market Place with Dutch Rojas

During a recent summit, I was fortunate to meet Dutch Rojas, CEO of
Erica Social Card - LinkedIn

The CFO’s Role in Benefits Management

When you are faced with skyrocketing benefit costs, how do you choose the most cost-effective solution while also ensuring your employees are well ...

CEOs Corner: Disrupting Traditional Health Benefits with Nelson Griswold

Being a leader is tough. When you're a leader in your organization, people expect you to have all the answers.
SIIA - Booth Team

3 Key Takeaways From SIIA 2019

Our team had a great time this past week in San Francisco for the 39th Annual SIIA (Self-Insurance Institute of America) National Educational Conference & ...

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