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How to Organize Your Healthcare Paperwork

The healthcare landscape can be overwhelming and confusing. Add a recent medical incident like a surgery, specialist or hospital visit and those bills can pile up quickly.

If you have insurance, submitting a claim to your insurance provider is one of your first steps in handling your healthcare bills. But, remember, once the claim is submitted, you’ll need the healthcare paperwork that comes along with those bills. It’s recommended to keep all your relevant healthcare information and paperwork in a file until your medical claim is settled. According to Everyday Health, keeping track of this paperwork can help make your overall healthcare experience less stressful and likely save you both time and money:

  1. Designate a specific file just for your health insurance paperwork and bills. This will help keep your records secure and organized and will help you avoid confusion of these bills and paperwork getting mixed in with your other household documents.
  2. Review your bills. Look for double-billing or any issues that may stand-out in your review. If something looks confusing or “off” don’t hesitate to politely bring it up to your provider or billing office.
  3. File the correct paperwork. Keep all your bills organized and, as needed, send copies to your insurance company or, if they require the original, ensure you make a copy for yourself. Never send the original without keeping a copy for yourself.

These short steps can help make your life easier when it comes to healthcare bills and paperwork. To help save you even more time and energy, Karis360 offers Healthcare Navigator. This service helps members (and members of client companies) sort through healthcare paperwork – these experienced professionals do the heavy lifting for you!

No matter if you’re doing it yourself or using a service like Healthcare Navigator, it’s important to keep your healthcare paperwork secure and organized. These small steps will ensure you’re prepared for health insurance claims, questions and anything that comes up!

Questions about healthcare billing, paperwork, or how Karis360 can help your members with healthcare headaches? Call us today!

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