Taking That Extra Step For Our Clients

The guiding principles of account management teams are different for all companies.   

Our core principles are to have our values lead the way, be great communicators and have an overall strategy that is aligned with our clients’ needs. 

Core Values  

Have you ever heard the saying, “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds,” and have you ever worked for an organization that strives to meet such aspirations? Not many can say they have, but at Karis, we aim to align our daily work with this saying, and we do it by intentionally holding our values close when guiding our clients’ members to control out of pocket costs.    

The Karis Group is built on five core values: Joy, Humility, Generosity, Integrity, and Grace. These values lay the groundwork for our client relationships and are why clients stay with us year after year.   

In the past, we’ve had clients request our assistance for their members on situations like not having access to the right healthcare services or not understanding what their insurance plan covers. In these cases, members are typically unsure on what the next steps should be or where to even begin. This happens more often than you think.   

In these situations, the Karis account management team makes every effort to ensure each member’s needs are addressed and are completed to the best of our ability. By providinuseful information, such as sharing an in-network provider or facilities list so they know where exactly they should go to receive the best care at an affordable price. 

Why do we do this, you ask? Because one of our core values is Generosity. We see this situation as an opportunity to put this value into action, and it's clear that we take that extra step to take care of each member.    


With our clients’ members, we take that extra time on the phone to make sure we are answering all their questions and meeting their needs.   

Recently, we had a member with outrageously expensive medical bills who was concerned that the bills might lead to the loss of her home and bring financial ruin. Our account management team understood this was a high priority case and quickly jumped in to provide assistance. 

We spent additional time understanding her case history and specific details of her situation.  After constant communication, which included multiple phone calls, numerous emails, and persistent advocacy with providers, we were able to reduce the member’s bill from $200K to less than $15K. Amazing things like this happen daily at Karis and fortify why we do what we do for our members.   

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and pain points by being collaborative, proactive, and establishing relationships with everyone involved. These strong relationships help us confidently take action to serve our clients and their members with ease.   


Our overall account management strategy is based on aligning our clients’ values with our own.  

We serve a diverse group of clients including health sharing organizations, TPAs, brokers, life and health insurance, and countless others. Because each client is different than the next, we strive to meet their unique needs and take that extra step to be on the same page. How do we do that? By listening to our clients, we understand their needs and lay out a plan of action for success.  

Let’s face it: our health-care system is a mess. But by following core values, communicating, and creating a unique strategy, our account management team has a guiding light to lead us through the maze and help our clients’ members achieve life-changing results. 

This blog was authored by Teresa Heintz, The Karis Group’s Director of Account Management and Services. We are fortunate enough to have Teresa on our team, as she guides our clients and members to overall cost savings. 

To learn more about The Karis Group and our Karis Cost Containment Services, you can visit our What We Do page or Contact Us to schedule an intro call. 

Photo by Jessica Sysengrath on Unsplash 

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