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Leveraging Technology to Deliver Human Centered Patient Advocacy

Technology is disrupting healthcare.

As the pace of disruption quickens there is a balancing act between offering the latest technology and preserving the personal touch that sets medicine apart from other industries.

At The Karis Group, we are leveraging what we do best: providing a personal, sincere, and compassionate patient advocacy experience and combining this service with technology advancements to extend our personal touch to members on behalf of our Clients. 

 To cultivate a Technology-Enabled Member Engagement strategy when building applications for members and clients, key considerations for our technology team include:

1. Stay Member Focused  – We don’t just pursue cool features in an application, we listen to our users’ feedback and research their needs to consider how our solutions may improve their health-care journeys and their quality of life. 

 A few questions we keep in mind when developing our technology are: How does the member interact with the application? Do they feel they still have a personal touch? We continuously evaluate feedback from clients to guide our developers in improving the user experience.

 2. Engage the Patient Advocacy Team  – When walking through The Karis Group patient advocacy team area, one hears empathy, compassion, and success stories where advocates are successfully negotiating unexpected large medical bills and finding affordable quality care.  

One also hears service improvement ideas to incorporate into end-user applications, such as better processes & member suggestions. We integrate these ideas into our end-user applications. Based on client feedback, our Service Delivery Team provides insight into important user experience questions, such as what’s the best way for our members to access a list of in-network providers or what data is needed to build our extensive applications.

 Having this team test our applications is beneficial, not just for the product's success but for the members they assist daily. Who better to explain our mobile or web engagement developments to clients than their own personal patient advocates? 

 3. Seamlessly Integrate Client Technology  – We spend significant time listening to our client’s key concerns and ideas to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and patients.

 We make it easy for clients to integrate their technology with ours by collaborating with our technology team to ensure a seamless on-boarding process. And we constantly ask for feedback on member applications and system integration processes to make improvements continually.

As a service delivery company, one of the most rewarding parts of our job is taking advantage of the latest technological innovations to help patients successfully navigate their health-care needs. Through our service delivery experiences with patients, we can better understand their health-care challenges and frustrations, which translate to end-user applications that improve their health-care navigation journey.

Keep an eye for more updates as we roll out new mobile and web applications for our valued members. 

This blog was authored by Marty Alkis, The Karis Group’s Senior Product Manager. We are grateful to have Marty with us as he leads the Engineering  team to drive digital results while focusing on a positive member facing experience. 

To learn more about The Karis Group and our Karis Cost Containment Services, you can visit our What We Do page or Contact Us to schedule an intro call. 

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