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How to find an affordable doctor in your area

Healthcare is confusing and complex. You want to see a doctor, dentist or specialist you can trust. What do you do when you need to find a doctor, dentist, or specialist in your area at a price you can afford? Well, that’s easy! You can use our dedicated Healthcare Navigation service where one of our expert health care Advisors will find you everything you need quickly and thoroughly.

With Physician Search (an integral component of Healthcare Navigator offered through Karis360), when you need a new doctor, dentist, specialist or to find a hospital, your Advisor can help you find one that fits your needs. Our team can do the search for you and provide a list of area providers and best available pricing for procedures from which you can make informed choices.

Our physician search service has been one of the most-used features of the available comprehensive health care benefits. Why have we seen this service rise in popularity?

It all comes down to a few basic things: people are busy and people want to save money. The Physician Search service allows you to make one phone call to save valuable time and money.

After your call to Karis360, you are armed with a list of local, qualified providers and their best available pricing on requested procedures. This allows our members to make an informed, time and money-saving decision on their health care.

“I was having problems finding providers in my area. I spoke with my Advisor within one hour of leaving a message. She is a great help, friendly, kind and wonderful ! Thank you for having an insightful member on your staff.” Trisha, NY

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