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Meet our new VP of Business Development, Allen Saunders

We are pleased to announce Allen Saunders as our new Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Saunders has a track record of results-driven sales and exceptional management experience. Allen takes pride in being able to use his experiences to make a positive impact on the landscape of care and access.

Before joining The Karis Group, Mr. Saunders held leadership roles in account management and network development at Aetna, Houston Methodist Hospital and Blue Cross & Blue Shield. In the ever-changing environment of healthcare, Mr. Saunders has continually built inroads to understanding and access for his partners and clients.

We sat down with Allen for a Q&A interview to learn why he joined the team and his plans for the future of The Karis Group.

What drew you to The Karis Group and why are you excited to be here?

I was initially drawn to Karis because of their commitment to their core values Joy, Humility, Grace, Integrity & Generosity. I really enjoy being on the ground floor of a company that is empowering employers, brokers & health plans to accomplish their healthcare goals, while decreasing cost. The Karis Group is going through a renaissance in technological development and is growing into an organization that can drive significant change in healthcare cost containment.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your interest's and passions, personally and professional?

Personally, I live each day for my family. I have a wife, son and a daughter that I love dearly. My family and I like to say we are “foodies”. On our spare time, we like to try new food or restaurants. Austin has many places to eat and I am eager to explore. My main hobby is exercising, specifically running. Running helps me clear my mind and focus on what is important to me. It gives me peace of mind.

In my professional career, I thrive on working with a purpose. The reason I went into the healthcare field, is because I wanted to make healthcare work for all clients, members and patients. Healthcare can be difficult to understand, and I want to play a role in helping make the process smooth and transparent. I look forward to applying my knowledge and experience to set The Karis Group up for sustained success.

What has surprised you most about The Karis Group and its team so far?

The most surprising item I have observed at The Karis Group, is the culture and community. This company makes you feel like a family. They are your supporters and wish you well on your life journey. I respect the commitment of doing the right thing for the people we serve. Whether it is providing the right tools to assist in the future or going above and beyond at a present task.

Though we are a smaller company, compared to my previous employers, there is no disconnect in our team efforts and everyone is ready and able to assist one another in making healthcare work. I look forward to the future with The Karis Group.

What is the biggest opportunity in front of Karis?

The biggest opportunity for The Karis Group, is expanding the services we provide. We listen to our clients and tailor our services to our market’s request. We have an opportunity to provide our clients with the cost containment services they need to drive down the ever-expanding costs of healthcare while ensuring quality of care is maintained or improved.

Additionally, our model of donating 10% of our profits back to support organizations making a difference in the lives of those in need has a huge opportunity to drive healthcare literacy, establish long-term partnerships and support the health needs of our local and international community.

Twenty years from now, when you look back on your time leading The Karis Group what will you be most proud of?

I would be most proud of the legacy The Karis Group leaves behind. This company truly strives to help people and relieve the burdens of healthcare costs. I would be proud of making an impact in the healthcare movement and giving hope for people in need. Looking back at this experience, I see pride, not only within myself but for The Karis Group as well.



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