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CEO's Corner: Being An Engaged Healthcare Consumer with Dr. Josh Luke

In this edition of CEO's Corner, I sit down with Dr. Josh Luke .

By Kim Evans /

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CEO’s Corner: Disrupting the Healthcare Market Place with Dutch Rojas

During a recent summit, I was fortunate to meet Dutch Rojas, CEO of 
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The CFO’s Role in Benefits Management

When you are faced with skyrocketing benefit costs, how do you choose the most cost-effective solution while also ...

CEOs Corner: Disrupting Traditional Health Benefits with Nelson Griswold

Being a leader is tough. When you're a leader in your organization, people expect you to have all the answers.
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3 Key Takeaways From SIIA 2019

Our team had a great time this past week in San Francisco for the 39th Annual SIIA (Self-Insurance Institute of America) National ...

The Lives We Change with Healthcare Navigation

My husband had a heart attack and stent surgery, and now we have $145k in medical bills. How can I afford this? ...

Tips to Navigate Health Insurance Renewal Season

It’s that time of year when the leaves start changing colors, temperatures are cooling, pumpkin spice is showing up ...
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5 Tips to Negotiate Your Medical Bills

  Have you ever opened the mail and discovered an outrageous medical bill that you ...
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Meet our new VP of Business Development, Allen Saunders

We are pleased to announce Allen Saunders as our new Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Saunders has a track record of results-driven ...

Getting to Know Our New President & CEO, Kim Evans

We are excited to share the

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