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Control Costs While Still Making Members Smile

As a benefit provider, third-party-administrator or broker, you have many goals for your members and clients. You want fantastic results, timely turn-around and satisfied customers. These things equal growth in your bottom line.

How can Karis360 serve as your behind-the-scene team to make the above happen and so much more? Well, we take a full-service approach, whether our clients – that’s you! – want a full, hands-on approach or a simple, staff alleviating call-center approach – Karis360 Member Advisors are here for you, your members and your clients.

Our approach meets your needs and grows your bottom line through exemplary service to your end-users. We can control your costs all while providing tailored, high-touch service keeping everyone happy and thriving:

“For self-funded groups, our Surgery Saver service is vital. These groups pay for employees' medical expenses out of their own funds (in many cases) so our price comparison can save them several thousands in a year, or more. The quality comparison component of Surgery Saver also helps members feel confident and empowered in the decision-making process for their own health care needs.” Rebecca, Member Services Manager

In addition to providing critical information to the member and superior results to the members, clients and groups, Karis360 Member Advisors help guide users through the healthcare process with a caring approach that can improve the overall healthcare experience. This creates satisfied members, better retention and increased growth overall.

Interested in how Karis360 can help you, your members and your clients? Don’t hesitate – call us today!

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