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What can a professional health care services company do for your benefits plan?

Benefit providers can improve customer retention and gain new customers by bundling Karis360 services with existing plans.

What value does bringing Karis360 into your product and plan mix? Let’s explore:

  • Karis360 serves as a skilled and easily accessible line of defense to quickly and effectively assist and resolve member’s needs.
  • The suite of services within Karis360 provides one-on-one, hands-on, effective and customizable services for your plan members.
  • With customizable phone lines, direct contact and live-answer, Karis360 makes it easy for benefit plan members to reach out for timely assistance enabling them to have a value-based conversation regarding their healthcare needs.
  • Healthcare is only becoming more involved and confusing. Karis360 is a Benefit Provider’s one-stop resource to help answer member questions quickly and effectively.
  • Advisors efficiently guide members through the healthcare maze creating happy, retained customers and members for Benefits Providers – allowing these providers to grow their bottom line.
  • Karis360 offers customizable reports tailored to each Benefit Provider's unique needs.

Give added value to your members by including Karis360’s unique set of services to your plans. Karis360 makes benefit plans more robust by providing your members with support, information, options and real cost savings. Through these services for Benefit Providers, Karis360 increases member satisfaction without increasing costs.

Are you a Benefit Provider? Let us show you how you can differentiate yourself from other providers and increase benefits satisfaction for your members.

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