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How Benefit Providers Can Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Added Benefits and Better Support

Benefit Providers can improve customer retention and gain new customers by bundling Karis360 services with existing benefit plans. Karis360 helps Benefit Providers increase member satisfaction and creates a robust revenue stream through added benefits and better support without increasing internal costs or customer prices:

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction through value-based health outcomes: Karis Healthcare Navigator, a key component of the Karis360 bundle, provides an experienced Member Advisor to help streamline the member’s overall healthcare experience. When a Benefit Provider’s member is dealing with multiple healthcare resources (doctor’s offices, pharmacy, claims, customer service) Member Advisors are a consistent voice and resource helping Member’s with questions, finding doctors, booking appointments, prescription cost searches and more. Benefit Providers and the Karis360 team work together, embracing a value-based system that increases efficacy to become more competitive within the marketplace.
  1. Cost Transparency tools: Karis Surgery Saver finally brings healthcare cost transparency to the marketplace and directly to a Benefit Provider’s Members. Members who need pricing for a non-emergency surgical procedure can call a Member Advisor to obtain cost, quality and availability for area facilities to make an informed, cost-saving decision on their healthcare. Advisors can also obtain cost estimates on other healthcare needs like doctor’s visits and prescriptions. Karis360 can provide customizable reports reviewing this work so Benefit Providers can then track outcomes to increase value and improve internal processes.
  1. Real, Meaningful Results: Karis Bill Negotiator provides real, meaningful results for members which translates into satisfied, long-term customers for Benefit Plans. When your members have out-of-pocket medical bills (in or out of network) Karis360 Advocates can work with members and healthcare providers to negotiate these costs to a fair price for the member. This service provides real results with unparalleled savings of 80% on average since 2008.

Give added value to your members by including Karis360’s unique set of services to your plans. Karis360 makes benefit plans more robust by providing your members with support, information, options and real cost savings. Karis360 positively transforms the member’s healthcare experience. Through these services, Karis360 increases member satisfaction without increasing your costs.

Let us show you how you can differentiate yourself from other providers and increase benefits satisfaction for your members

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