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9 Risk-Conquering Ideas and Solutions for Third Party Healthcare Administrators

Third Party Administrators (TPAs) provide a variety of vital services to the healthcare industry. However, with so much uncertainty and change in the healthcare landscape, it’s important for TPAs to stay ahead of the game, ensuring their services are robust and inclusive.

Karis360 can take the risk and guess-work out of the discussion for TPAs by providing comprehensive, full-service benefits. These robust benefits enable Karis360 to become the TPA's ally in producing and providing comprehensive healthcare services for their clients.

In this changing healthcare world, TPAs want to be more efficient, more productive and more cost-effective. Here’s how Karis360 helps TPAs achieve these needs and more:

  • Karis360 services provide timely customer service in an on-demand world
  • We stay ahead of your Client’s needs both in service and technology
  • Services like Healthcare Navigator help reduce administrative and technology costs, allowing organizations to reduce expenses
  • Experienced Member Advisors provide healthcare expertise that an existing Client organization may not have in-house
  • Karis360 can serve as the Client’s healthcare resource answering questions accurately and quickly
  • Karis360 can become a true extension of your Client’s customer service department allowing a TPA to handle anything that comes its way
  • With customizable, robust reporting, Karis360 enables a TPA’s Client to make informed, cost-saving, high-touch decisions based on these reports and analysis
  • Karis360’s Member Advisors are well-versed in the aspects of the Affordable Care Act allowing them to help ensure a TPA’s Client is compliant with ACA requirements
  • Member Advisor’s top-of-the-line customer service and knowledge of the healthcare landscape allows them to help resolve member claims in a timely, considerate and efficient manner

“Karis360 does a great job assisting our clients and their members. We are very impressed and happy with the excellent help our clients, members and internal team receives!”

Karis360 provides TPAs with a comprehensive benefit to offer to clients and helps to expand services, and therefore, revenue growth, beyond just claims administration services. Offering Karis360 products helps to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Let us show you how you can generate more revenue without adding to your team’s workload.

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