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Healthy How-To’s For Handling Stress

Finances. Health. School. Work.

The reasons for stress can be many and vary from person to person. Some stressors may even surprise you: social media, other people’s stress, caffeine, sports, etc.

A recent study found that the top causes of stress in the United States include job pressure, money and health crisis. Over 77% of those studied regularly experienced physical symptoms brought on by stress and 33% believed they live with extreme stress.

With all the stress of day-to-day life, what are some healthy ways you can handle and beat stress?

Health Issues

When you are facing health issues whether they are a sick child, an upcoming surgery or a health emergency, health and health care can bring about stress. The stress could be directly health-related or financial.

Member Advisors are here to help ease the stress you may experience when dealing with the health care world. With The Karis Group's dedicated products and services, you have a dedicated team of expert Advisors to call for full-service health care help.

Healthy Eating

Many people may turn to their favorite comfort foods to help alleviate stress, but, did you know that there are actually healthy foods that are proven stress-fighters? recently showcased 12 Superfoods for Stress Relief. Indulge in grilled salmon or start your day with oatmeal or yogurt to help fight off the worries and stresses of the day.

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