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Take control of your health – eating at home versus dining out

Today, eating out has become more prevalent. Family dinners are becoming more rare, being replaced with cell phones, afterschool activities and longer work hours. But, what is this newfound dependence on dining out doing to our health?

Picking up breakfast on your way into the office, working lunches and fast food on your way home from a long day may have adverse affects on your health. A recent study showed less than 20% of adults are meeting the USDA guidelines for a healthy diet.

Daily Health Post recently showcased four reasons you should turn to eating at home versus leaning on restaurant and take-out meals for your day-to-day meals:


  1. Healthier choices are at home. Portion sizes and sodium are much higher at restaurants and you lose the ability to control what you’re consuming unlike cooking at home.
  2. Eating at home is budget-friendly. When grocery shopping, you can price items and get healthy food items for less than eating at many restaurants.           Sodium from restaurant foods
  3. Celebrate friends and family with a home-cooked meal. Consider a relational, heart-felt dinner at home with friends and family instead of expensive, calorie-rich meals out.
  4. Know what you’re eating. When you buy, prepare and cook the foods yourself, you’ll know what goes into each meal making health options and portions easier than simply ordering off a menu where all ingredients and amounts are not usually displayed.

So, take control of your health with smart, homemade cooking decisions.

Want tips on shopping healthy on a budget? We’ve got you covered! Need help finding a doctor or specialist to kick start a healthier diet and lifestyle? Call us today – we’re always here to help!

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