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Chaplaincy – Personal Help When You Need It Most

Have you ever found yourself backed up into a dark, lonely corner where life seems really bleak, you can’t take another piece of bad news or open another bill which you have no way of paying?

In such times we often feel reluctant to share our problems with even our closest family members and friends for fear of overloading them or just having that sense that we must carry these things alone. What a tragedy!

We are here to help – to provide a listening ear and a caring heart! No, we can’t fix the situation but we want you to know that you are not alone. When we are feeling sad, lonely, or afraid and we keep that to ourselves – nothing changes, and life feels hopeless. Alternatively if we share our situation with someone else and somehow let the light into the darkest, hidden places of our lives, it’s as if the pressure is released a little and we can go on, in the assurance that someone knows and cares – that we are not alone!

In our experience there is some truth in the saying “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Our Chaplains are available for you, to hear your story – to listen, to care and to pray for you if you would like.

Our Chaplains are relational coaches in various contexts and spend much of their time listening and helping people process their pain and sadness. When these negative emotions are ignored and are not dealt with they can take a hold and overwhelm us and when things get really bad we can find it hard to function.

Do you feel overwhelmed or alone?

Please allow our Chaplains the privilege of hearing your story. This Chaplaincy service is offered as part of Karis Health Choice memberships.

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