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Healthy Eating – How to Meal Plan Like a Pro

We all know the challenges associated with balancing busy schedules and our nutritional needs.

One efficient way to keep both in balance is being prepared with Meal Planning. Setting aside time each week to plan and shop smarter can not only save you time and money but can make eating at home fun again!

FITDAY recently highlighted four reasons meal planning can save you time, effort and money but also improve your eating habits.

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  1. You will eat healthier: Unfortunately, when you find yourself coming home late from work or too busy to do the grocery shopping, you probably resort to buying pizza, cheeseburgers or a bucket of chicken. When you already have a menu – you won’t resort to eating out or ordering takeout; you look forward to a home cooked meal!
  2. You shop more efficiently: Perhaps you’ve experienced buying a food item with the plans of using it for a meal only to have it stuck in the back of your fridge for weeks. When you make a habit of planning your meals, you will only buy the ingredients you need. This will also eliminate those annoying instances when you’re in the middle of cooking and you discover that you’ve run out of a necessary ingredient, so you end up rushing to the store or doing without.
  3. You save more money: When you are dining out less and shopping for groceries more efficiently, you will naturally save money. In fact, you can even include costs in your meal plans as well so you can have an idea of how much you can expect to save. Once you know what you need to buy, you can also do some research to know where to find the things you need on sale.
  4. You will enjoy variety: Instead of eating the same dish five times a week, you can plan your menu so you are always enjoying something new. Mixing your favorites with something new can make dinner exciting again.

Understanding the benefits to meal planning is one thing, it’s knowing where to start that can stop you in your tracks. The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide by gives you step-by-step instructions on getting started!

So take back your health and your dinners – save money, time and energy and start planning meals today! Questions about navigating your health care world? Want to make an appointment with a dietician or nutritionist? Call us today!

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