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Health Tips – How to Combat the Ill Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

You've likely seen one of the many articles detailing health, fitness and lifestyle changes to increase overall wellness. Even just getting out for a 20-minute walk can have a drastic positive effect on your health.

Those with a sedentary lifestyle including those who work at jobs where the majority of your day is spent sitting may be at a greater risk for health issues.

But, there are ways you can combat the negative effects of a largely sedentary job or lifestyle:

At Work

  • Look into a portable standing desk so you can rotate between sitting at your desk and working while standing
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator
  • Park your car far away from your office entrance
  • Walk to a co-workers desk or office instead of sending an email

Away From Work

  • Investigate local gyms and fitness programs. Some employers even offer gym discounts or stipends at local fitness facilities
  • Park far away from the entrance to a store or restaurant
  • Go on hikes or walks with friends, family and pets
  • Join a club – it doesn’t have to be fitness based! You can join running or walking clubs but other group activities like bird watching mean more time outdoors and walking

How Karis360 Can Help

  • Want to talk with your doctor about finding a workout routine that’s right for you? Member Advisors can find doctors in your area.
  • Looking for alternative medicine including chiropractor who can address issues related to sedentary desk jobs? Advisors can research and price chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists in your area.

So a sedentary job or lifestyle doesn’t have to equal health issues for you! Look here for more ways you can increase your overall health and reach out to us today – we can make your health journey easier!

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