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Better Health is Just a Good-Night's Sleep Away

Sweet dreams for your health!

Recent studies are focusing more and more on the importance of sleep to your everyday health.

From maintaining a healthy weight to staying focused to increased job and school performance to increasing your memory – good sleep can have a positive impact on your life.

But, how much sleep is enough sleep? It’s different for various age groups and can rage from 12-18 hours as newborns to 7-9 hours as adults.

Once you know how much sleep you need, there are some ways to ensure you can get to sleep quickly and stay asleep through the night. One FitNation contest wrote of her own sleep health story and shared her methods for a good night’s sleep including:

  • Set a consistent bedtime
  • No screens an hour before bedtime and no cell phone in the bedroom

Other studies echo the elimination of screens and light in the bedroom and add:

  • Pay attention to what you eat before you sleep
  • Ensure your mattress and bedroom surroundings are cool and comfortable
  • Include physical activity into your daily routine to increase deeper, consistent sleep patterns

All in all, getting a good night’s sleep has a vital impact on your daily health. If you need help finding a doctor to discuss your sleep patterns or ways you can improve your sleep, contact The Karis Group today.

Dreaming of better health? It's just a good-night's sleep away!

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