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Get access to doctors whenever you need them!

No copays, additional fees or surprise bills. Just one low monthly subscription gets you (and the whole family) unlimited access to board certified primary care physicians and licensed mental health therapists...amazing!

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Primary Care Doctors

24/7/365 Board Certified Physicians available nationally. Our virtual visits can take place on the phone or through secured video chat.

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Mental & Behavioral Health

24/7/365 licensed mental and behavioral health counselors and therapists available by phone.

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Prescription Discount Card

Our members save up to 80% on prescriptions at most major retailers (integrated in our apps).

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Completely Bilingual

Services available 24/7/365 with both a full English or Spanish experience from app to physician.

Ensure you and your family are covered for only $10/mo!




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Easily access a doctor via phone or secure video chat.

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No insurance needed and there are no copays, additional fees or surprise bills! 


Just $10 per month gets you (and the whole family) 24/7/365 unlimited access!

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Healthcare Innovators, Not Insiders.

Doctegrity was launched to bring innovation to healthcare and save you money. With healthcare costs increasing, day-to-day healthcare is quickly becoming unaffordable. Doctegrity treats 75% of common conditions to avoid costly and time-consuming doctor visits, Urgent Care or even Emergency Room visits.

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Cover yourself and your family for only $10 per month. 



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