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Sedera, a rapidly growing medical cost sharing community, was looking to provide members with a bill negotiation service to reduce the exorbitant prices members were paying for medical care. Additionally, they needed a health navigation service to assist in identifying high-quality, fair-priced doctors, procedures and medications. To accomplish both goals, Sedera turned to The Karis Group. We helped them achieve their goals, and in 2019 Sedera had cost savings that equaled a return of 14.9 times the cost invested thanks to Karis' services.

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”The Karis Group has been an invaluable partner committed to controlling the cost of healthcare for the Sedera medical cost sharing community. Karis patient advocates provide the highest level of service for our members and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our members are cared for with grace and dignity. Without the experience, capabilities, and ongoing commitment to excellence that Karis delivers, Sedera would not be able to provide our transparent, affordable non-insurance alternative to our members.”

- Jamie Lagarde, CEO & President


To learn how we helped Sedera with bill negotiation and health navigation, download our case study below.


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