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Samaritan Ministries started in 1994 as an affordable healthcare option for Christian communities to share the burden of medical needs efficiently and maintain a Biblical foundation. As the membership grew, the medical costs grew, and they needed a partner negotiation service to assist in reducing the cost of those medical bill charges. Reducing the overall burden of medical costs would ripple to the individual households, maintaining affordability and thoughtful stewardship of community funds. To accomplish this goal, Samaritan Ministries turned to The Karis Group.

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With more than 16 years in our long- standing history, Samaritan Ministries has valued The Karis Group’s commitment to helping Samaritan members control the cost of their healthcare. With professionalism, thoughtfulness, and responsiveness, The Karis Group has been an ally for Samaritan members, providing clear guidance and personal support in an ever-changing, healthcare environment.”

- Rob Waldo, VP of Member Services at Samaritan Ministries

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